Care Tips for your New Rico Starr Gear

Thank you and congrats on your shiny new gear from Rico Starr. It's sure to turn heads, I promise.
What makes Rico Starr so special are the materials we use – glitter to foils, rhinestones and more. Not to mention the slightly stretchy and ultra-soft shirt fabric. So I recommend the following special care:


Keep bold colors away from dark or white fabrics when washing, and never mix whites with darks or bright colors. Always turn your shirts inside out before washing. Wash on a DELICATE cycle in COLD water for longest life and to maintain vibrant colors and fit.


Keep shirts inside out, and dry on a LOW or DELICATE setting. Never dry on HIGH, as the extreme heat may compromise the integrity of the design/bling printed on the shirt. Promptly remove your Rico Starr shirt from the dryer, before it has a chance to cool, and then lay your shirt on a flat surface (like bed or countertop) and gently smooth out with your hands. This will help prevent wrinkles. Try to avoid ironing, but if absolutely necessary, use a cool iron ONLY on the fabric part of the shirt – NEVER on any part of the printed design/bling, inside or outside. Protect your bling, boys!


I love seeing my Rico Starr shirts hanging in all their blingy glory in my closet. But don’t forget what Mommie Dearest taught you about wire hangers; they tend to mark the shirts in the shoulder area, and who wants that? Thicker (mmm, thicker) wooden or plastic hangers work best to keep your shirts looking like new.


Yes it's true. Rico Starr gear has been known to illicit screams, gay gasps, groping and other sexual advances. You have been warned.

Enjoy the attention and new gear!

Remember, at Rico Starr, EVERYBODY IS A STARR!!!